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Labadi Engineering

Labadi Silenced Hydraulic Hammer 2022

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The Labadi Hydraulic Hammer's is the industry altering's silent hydraulic hammer. Made with advanced Korean technology and suitable for the skider steerloader, the full-closed box design adds an additional layer of protection to the main body from damage. The unit is compact whilst effective with impressive rate and force.

The quality Hydraulic Hammer is suitable for a large array of functions including landscaping, trenching, road construction and more. The Hydraulic hammer is designed to reduce struggle and increase productivity whilst simultaneously minimising machine wear and improving efficiency. The hammer is durable, effective for a range of applications, including rock, concrete and slab breaking, road, sidewalk and curb construction, demolitions, excavations, and more.



Skider Steerloader - HS30 / HS40

Excavator Suitability (Tonnes): 2.5-4.5 / 4-7

Hydraulic Oil Flow (L/min): 25-50 / 40-70

Hydraulic Pressure (kg/cm^2): 90-120 / 110-140

Blow Frequency (bmp): 600-1100 / 500-900

Chisel Diameter (mm): 53 / 68

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.605m x 1.45m x 0.785m

Total Measurement: 1.827CBM