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Takeuchi TL 150 450mm Wide Multi-Bar Rubber Track 450x100x50

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Premium Grade Prowler ™ Aftermarket Rubber Track to fit your Takeuchi TL150 compact track loader. The size of this track is 450x100x50 and has the Prowler ™ AT tread series, also known as the Multi-Bar pattern. This rubber track also weighs approx. 264.28 kilograms (kg).

Prowlers AT Series (All Terrain) tread design is our best turf-friendly track option. This design has a slightly lower durometer rating allowing it to be more forgiving and less likely to scar turf when turning or running at both low and high speeds. The AT tread has many cutting edges along its footprint too, making it a nice option for pushing snow during the winter months.

AT Tread Design Application Chart

Please keep in mind you can operate your Takeuchi TL150 on all the surfaces listed above, but will have the best performance and return on your investment if you operate mostly on the recommended terrain.

In our industry, you'll find that there are essentially two rubber track options available to you, and they are:

  • Standard Grade (Budget Brands)
  • Premium Grade (Prowler ™)

Premium Grade Rubber Track Design

20 Years of ServiceA premium grade rubber track is made of all natural rubber compounds that are blended with highly durable synthetics. A high volume of carbon black make premium tracks more heat and gouge resistant, increasing their overall service life when operating on hard abrasive surfaces. Prowler premium tracks also use continuously wound steel cables embedded deep within the thick carcass to build strength and rigidity. Additionally, our steel cables receive a coat of vulcanized wrapped rubber to help protect them from deep gouges and moisture that could corrode them if not protected.

On the other hand, standard grade tracks use lower amounts of carbon black and higher amounts of synthetics making them less heat and gouge resistant. Standard grade tracks also use spliced or overlapped cables that are known to be weaker than continuously wound cables. These same manufactures generally do not coat the inner cords in vulcanized rubber either. All these differences help keep their production cost down, but won’t provide the same service and protection that a premium grade track would.

Prowler is a Premium Grade Track System, and we utilize a unique manufacturing technique called FST (Flexural Strength Technology) that stands us apart from our closest competitors. The result of FST is a track that has an abrasion resistant outer track circumference and a more flexible, yet resilient inner track circumference. This creates a track that can flex more freely while engaging your undercarriage components, and still maintain its abrasion and gouge resistance as you crawl over hazardous debris.