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Labadi Engineering

Labadi LS60 YANMAR 6 Ton

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Are you looking for a powerful and versatile machine that can handle a wide range of industrial and construction applications? Look no further than the Labadi LS60  6-ton excavator!

With its compact size, powerful YANMAR engine and its impressive hydraulic arm and bucket attachment, this machine can easily tackle tough jobs. Whether you need to dig trenches, grade land, demolish buildings, or move heavy objects, the 6-ton excavator is up to the task.

To ensure our customers are treated with the highest degree of respect we give 4 years (4000-hour premier cover) warranty on all of our excavators. Meaning if you aren't satisfied with our product you get your money back. 


Capacity: 6ton

Working Weight: 5700kg

Bucket Volume: 0.21m3

Boom Length: 3000mm

Arm Cylinder Length: 1600mm


Rotation Speed 9.5rpm

Rotation Torque 20~22kN/m

Travel Speed 3.0~4.1km/h

Climbing Capacity 78/30degree

Bucket Digging Force 44kN

Arm Force 28kN

Max. Traction Force 58kN


Engine Size YANMAR 4TNV94L

Rated Power 39.7kw/2200rpm

Max. Torque 20~22N.m/1100rpm

Hydraulic System

Max. Oil Flow 60.5x2+36

Working Pressure 21.6Mpa

Travel Pressure 21.6Mpa

Fuel Tank 115L


Shipping Length 5850mm

Shipping Width 2000mm

Shipping Height 2575mm

Track Length 2540mm

Min. Distance to Ground 400mm

Working Range

Max. Digging Diameter 6150mm

Max. Digging Depth 3805mm

Max. Digging Height 5790mm

Max. Unloading Height 4065mm

Max. Vertical Digging Depth 3038mm

Bulldozer Width*Height 2000mmx350mm